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Resolving A Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is annoying, but many people mistakenly believe that it’s completely normal. In reality, a noisy garage door can actually be a sign of a problem that should be addressed before it can become a major issue. Although it may be difficult to find a garage door that operates in complete silence, garage doors should not be excessively noisy.


If you’ve noticed strange sounds from your garage door, make sure to schedule a garage door inspection and repair quickly. Garage doors can make a number of different noises that serve as a warning sign for an existing or developing problem. Before you’re faced with a garage door that won’t open or the need for a costly repair, call Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City for professional and dependable garage door repair.


Potential Problems From A Noisy Garage Door


Garage doors will inevitably make noise when they open or close, but the amount of noise will be dependent on the age of your door along with the age and type of garage door opener you have. However, there should not be excessive or strange noises coming from your door regardless of these factors. If you notice noises such as screeching, grinding, scraping, or rattling, there is likely a problem that will require professional repair.


A noisy garage door can result from a number of common problems including:


  • Loose Parts such as screws, nuts, bolts, belts, or chain drives
  • Worn, Damaged, Or Broken Parts such as rollers, springs, or hinges
  • Dry Or Poorly Lubricated Parts
  • Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener
  • Cold, Dry Temperatures
  • Excess Moisture


Do Not Ignore A Noisy Garage Door


Although a noisy garage door will still function, be careful that you do not ignore the problem and overlook repairs. Theses noises can point to a problem that could soon affect the function of your garage door and lead to costly problem. Loose parts can cause doors to become wobbly; springs can break and lead to a dangerous fallen door; poorly lubricated parts can seize or produce friction; and a malfunctioning garage door opener can quickly turn into one that no longer works.


Preventing And Resolving Noisy Garage Doors


You can protect the function and lifespan of your garage door by acting quickly to schedule professional garage door repair when you notice strange noises. Scheduling annual inspections and maintenance is another effective way to catch potential problems and provide effective solutions. During both repair and maintenance service, a technician will ensure that all parts are tightened, secured, lubricated, and in proper working condition. They can also provide recommendations for new or upgraded options that could improve the function and efficiency of your door.


Salt Lake City Garage Door Services


A reputable garage door company can provide quality garage door maintenance and garage door repair that will keep your garage door functioning efficiently by addressing strange sounds and resolving potential problems before they can become worse. Call Universal Garage Door Repair today at (801) 784-4550 for more information or to schedule an appointment for Salt Lake City garage door service.

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Internet Capabilities For Monitoring Your Garage Door

In this day and age, modern technology extends even to garage door systems. Internet capabilities provide unique advantages for a garage door system and can also be affordable. LiftMaster’s Internet Gateway with M-Q Technology is an inexpensive, yet highly advanced garage door opener option that allows you to monitor and secure your garage door from your smartphone regardless of your location.


If you are considering replacing your existing garage door or are installing a new garage door for your Salt Lake City home, consider a state of the art garage door from Universal Garage Door Repair that comes equipped with Internet capabilities. Internet capabilities on a garage door opener allow you to:


Know The Open/Close Status Of Your Garage Door


How often do you leave your home and later question if you left your garage door open or did in fact close it? While, occasionally, you may have the time to go back and check, you do not always have the time to do so, which can leave you anxious about the security of your home and possessions. With an Internet capable garage door opener, you simply have to log into your online account or use your smartphone app to see its current status.  If you discover that you forgot to close it, you can even do so right from your app or online account.


Get Alerts Whenever Your Garage Door Is Active


With Internet capabilities, you are also able to set up the garage door opener to notify you any time the garage door is opened. These instant alerts help you to know the exact moment anyone tries to unlawfully open and enter your garage door. This is also helpful if you are monitoring when your teenager leaves or comes home.


Scheduled Open Or Close Operations


You are further able to have the garage door open and close at scheduled intervals. This is very useful if you have a recurring activity that is done at fixed times or if you need to let a service or repairman in when you are not home.


Multi-Device Applications


You will be able to control the garage door from anywhere in the world on any device. Whether you’re using a smartphone during travel or only have access to a Windows computer at the office, you will always be able to access the functions of the garage door as long as you have an Internet connection regardless of your device or operating system.


Salt Lake City Internet Capable Garage Door Openers

At Universal Garage Door Repair, we proudly offer the advanced Internet capable garage door openers. LiftMaster’s Internet Gateway with M-Q Technology provides a simple, effective and affordable solution for home control. For more information or to schedule installation of a new Internet capable garage door opener, call us today at (801) 784-4550.


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Garage Doors Can Update The Look Of Your Home

Garage doors can significantly impact the look of your home. A worn, rusted, broken or cracked garage door will cause your home to look outdated or poorly cared of.  A garage door makes up almost 40% of the front facade of your home; replacing a broken or unsightly garage door can dramatically enhance the style and appearance of your home.

A new garage door can provide balance, contrast, charm, character, or even update the curb appeal of a home. It can also increase your home’s resale value. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we offer an extensive array of garage door styles for any price range, each of which could add significant curb appeal to your home. Let us take a look at some of the most popular garage door styles to help you select the style that will best fit your home’s architecture and style, while adding function and protection.

Traditional Style Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors provide a versatile, yet classic look to the exterior of most home exteriors. The symmetrical horizontal panel design can easily complement the majority of house styles. They can be used for American style homes including Cape, Victorian, Ranch, Colonial, and Craftsman styles or for European styles including Spanish, Mediterranean, French, or Tudor influenced. Traditional garage doors are available in large variety of colors and materials to best enhance and unify the curb appeal of your house.

Carriage Style Garage Doors

This garage door style mimics the design of old carriage houses. Although the traditional carriage doors would swing open from the middle, the modern carriage style garage doors will fold open just like other types of garage doors. Carriage style garage doors help to maintain or add unique charm and appeal to a home.

Contemporary Style Doors

Houses designed in a modern, contemporary style with slick clean lines or sharp edges are best accented with a contemporary style garage door. A very popular choice among homeowners, contemporary style garage doors offer modern elements, painted aluminum frames, even tempered glass panels. These glass panels can be frosted, clear, or tinted depending on the homeowner’s preference. Contemporary slab garage doors that open as a single panel that swings up is quickly becoming a preferred style over doors that open by folding up separate horizontal panels.

Raised Panel Style Doors

Another common garage door style is the raised panel style. This style is typically what a person envisions when thinking of a garage door. Despite how common this style can be, a new raised panel garage door is available in different colors and materials and can still greatly improve the exterior of a home.

Salt Lake City New Garage Doors

Universal Garage Door Repair offers a wide variety of new garage doors for sale.  From classic to modern design, we are confident you will find the style of garage door that will best complement, enhance or transform your home. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 for more information about the variety of garage doors available to update the look of your home.

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What you need for the Ultimate Game Day Garage

Football season is upon us. Saturdays and Sundays are now all about cheering on our favorite teams and hoping they can win it all. This time of year calls for a perfect place to gather all of our fellow fans together and watch the game.

If your home lacks an appropriate room for such an event, fear not; it is entirely possible to convert your garage into an epic game day hangout. After the conversion is complete, you will have an awesome place to relax and unwind year round during any sports season.

Residential Garage

How is This Possible?

There is a lot that you can do to convert a garage into an awesome sports viewing area. All it takes is a little organization, and creativity. We at Universal Garage Door Repair want to help you achieve your dream game day garage with garage door repair services. Here are some tips to accomplishing this epic goal.

Organize your Space

The first step to having the perfect garage for football viewing parties is decluttering. Pack away and organize all of your items into bins and boxes in order to maximize the amount of useable space in your garage. This way there is room for a television, chairs or a couch, and even a snack table. Maybe even put in an area rug for added comfort and coziness.


Make your garage really feel like a sports center with the right decorative touches. Add banners, team colors, and any other gear that represents your favorite teams. You could also decorate and personalize your game day garage by adding your own sports memorabilia. Do you have any prized athletic trophies or team pictures, or any other items that show your own sport achievements? Get them out and show them off proudly. Autographed jerseys, pictures, or game tickets also make great decorative items.

Make Sure your Garage Door Functions

We at Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City want you to have the perfect garage for sports viewing. A working garage door is the first step towards achieving this goal. We offer multiple services that will help ensure that your garage door doesn’t fumble during the big game, or anytime. Contact us and we can help you with all of your garage door repair needs before game day comes along.

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Wood Garage Door

Garage Be Gone! How to Hide Your Wheels

Everyone needs a place for their car, but sometimes the garage can be an eyesore that completely dominates a home’s façade. You can’t get rid of the garage, because they are so vital to you and your cars, but luckily there are ways to make it more visually appealing.
Let us at Universal Garage Door Repair show you that your garage does not have to be an ugly but necessary evil. With the right look, your garage will add to the beauty and value of your home instead of taking away from it.

Wood Garage Door

Get a New Door

The easiest and quickest solution to an ugly garage is replacing the door with something more attractive. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we offer a variety of options that can help make this part of your home more aesthetically pleasing. With the right door, your garage won’t even really look like a garage.

Go Modern

We have a great solution for homes that want to achieve a modern appearance. Our Avante collection offers a modern style with its combination of aluminum and glass. There are many window options available so that you may decide the degree of light transmission through the glass. The light glowing through this door will give it an almost lantern-like look. The warm glow of this door can be a welcoming site for your visitors.

Go Rustic

We also offer collections that give garage doors a wooden appearance. Our Gallery collection will give your home the semblance of a quaint and rustic carriage house. Our Canyon Ridge collection also has a wooden appearance. This collection offers a wide range of customization options that can fit the style of any house. A door from either one of these collections can completely revamp your home’s look.

Let Us Help

We at Universal Garage Door Repair want you to be happy with your garage. We offer a multitude of services from garage door repair to new door installation. If you feel like your garage is an eyesore, contact us so we can get started on installing a new door that will completely change the look of your house. We are devoted designing, repairing, and installing doors that will increase not only the beauty of your home, but also the safety and value.

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