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  • Can You Hear Me Now? Garage Doors that Can Talk

    If garage doors could talk, they would have much to tell you. They watch the neighborhood, guard your possessions, and safeguard your family. But wait! Garage doors can talk. LiftMaster’s elite group of garage door openers work with a system that allows you to talk with your garage door, telling it to open or close, and to tell you its status. The garage door accessories for LiftMaster include a revolutionary system and Smartphone app called My Q.

    Garage Doors

    The My Q system app has many capabilities

    Both residential and commercial garage door service can take advantage of this unique system. Imagine that you own a service company and garage your trucks. Your workers come at variable times during the day to retrieve or return their trucks. Rather than having to get out of their vehicles to unlock the garage, they can simply call up the My Q app on their Smartphone and cue the door to open. The app also closes the garage door on command.

    Even better, you can open or close the garage door to your home or business from thousands of miles away, your bedroom if you cannot remember if you closed it, or your car as you are driving away. You do not have to have a special garage door opener, just the Smartphone that most of us have nowadays anyway.

    The system works through an internet gateway connected to the garage door opener using your home’s internet router. And if you want your home’s lighting system and other things to be able to talk to you, the revolutionary My Q system can assist with that with My Q accessories that make up to 16 of them My Q enabled.

    Your garage door company, Universal Garage Door Repair, has the garage door accessories, the LiftMaster openers, the My Q system and accessories to get your whole house and garage talking!


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