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  • What you need for the Ultimate Game Day Garage

    Football season is upon us. Saturdays and Sundays are now all about cheering on our favorite teams and hoping they can win it all. This time of year calls for a perfect place to gather all of our fellow fans together and watch the game.

    If your home lacks an appropriate room for such an event, fear not; it is entirely possible to convert your garage into an epic game day hangout. After the conversion is complete, you will have an awesome place to relax and unwind year round during any sports season.

    Residential Garage

    How is This Possible?

    There is a lot that you can do to convert a garage into an awesome sports viewing area. All it takes is a little organization, and creativity. We at Universal Garage Door Repair want to help you achieve your dream game day garage with garage door repair services. Here are some tips to accomplishing this epic goal.

    Organize your Space

    The first step to having the perfect garage for football viewing parties is decluttering. Pack away and organize all of your items into bins and boxes in order to maximize the amount of useable space in your garage. This way there is room for a television, chairs or a couch, and even a snack table. Maybe even put in an area rug for added comfort and coziness.


    Make your garage really feel like a sports center with the right decorative touches. Add banners, team colors, and any other gear that represents your favorite teams. You could also decorate and personalize your game day garage by adding your own sports memorabilia. Do you have any prized athletic trophies or team pictures, or any other items that show your own sport achievements? Get them out and show them off proudly. Autographed jerseys, pictures, or game tickets also make great decorative items.

    Make Sure your Garage Door Functions

    We at Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City want you to have the perfect garage for sports viewing. A working garage door is the first step towards achieving this goal. We offer multiple services that will help ensure that your garage door doesn’t fumble during the big game, or anytime. Contact us and we can help you with all of your garage door repair needs before game day comes along.

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