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  • Wood Garage Doors

    There is little that can match the beauty and distinctiveness of natural wood. Doors of all types have been made of wood for centuries. The earliest records of wooden doors were in the Egyptian tombs with doors made of a single piece of wood. Doors in tombs were believed to be the entryway to the afterlife. In dry Egypt, there was no concern for wooden doors warping, but in more humid areas of the world that has been a great concern. Garage doors have also been made of wood, and our garage door company can provide them.

    Wood Garage Door

    But you must see the newest version of wooden garage doors

    Clopay offers wooden garage doors, but they also offer an outstanding new version of the wooden garage door, the Gallery Collection®. With their three-layered construction, these garage doors offer:

    • Incomparably strong steel skins with a layered coating system
    • Insulating R-values from 6.3 to 18.4
    • Glass inset options, either insulated or non-insulated
    • Removable grills for ease of cleaning
    • A variety of decorative hardware
    • Tongue-and-grove joints to keep out the weather elements
    • Different panel sizes

    Best of all, these doors have a faux wood grain that is almost indecipherable from real wood. They have the look and feel of wood with the heavy security of a layered steel door that is almost completely impenetrable.

    Clopay also offers the Canyon Ridge® Collection of faux wood-grained garage doors that are fashioned out of durable steel and composite. This collection has the beauty and realistic look of a naturally stained wooden garage door with the strength and energy efficiency of a steel garage door.

    You can get wood-looking garage doors without the upkeep

    If you have always wanted the look of wood without the maintenance issues, these steel faux wood-grained doors are a wonderful choice for your new garage doors. They can be installed as residential garage doors or as part of our commercial garage door service. We offer all of the garage door accessories to outfit these handsome doors. Our affordable garage door repair service can fix your current garage door or install a new one.


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