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  • Garage Doors Can Update The Look Of Your Home

    Garage doors can significantly impact the look of your home. A worn, rusted, broken or cracked garage door will cause your home to look outdated or poorly cared of.  A garage door makes up almost 40% of the front facade of your home; replacing a broken or unsightly garage door can dramatically enhance the style and appearance of your home.

    A new garage door can provide balance, contrast, charm, character, or even update the curb appeal of a home. It can also increase your home’s resale value. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we offer an extensive array of garage door styles for any price range, each of which could add significant curb appeal to your home. Let us take a look at some of the most popular garage door styles to help you select the style that will best fit your home’s architecture and style, while adding function and protection.

    Traditional Style Garage Doors

    Traditional garage doors provide a versatile, yet classic look to the exterior of most home exteriors. The symmetrical horizontal panel design can easily complement the majority of house styles. They can be used for American style homes including Cape, Victorian, Ranch, Colonial, and Craftsman styles or for European styles including Spanish, Mediterranean, French, or Tudor influenced. Traditional garage doors are available in large variety of colors and materials to best enhance and unify the curb appeal of your house.

    Carriage Style Garage Doors

    This garage door style mimics the design of old carriage houses. Although the traditional carriage doors would swing open from the middle, the modern carriage style garage doors will fold open just like other types of garage doors. Carriage style garage doors help to maintain or add unique charm and appeal to a home.

    Contemporary Style Doors

    Houses designed in a modern, contemporary style with slick clean lines or sharp edges are best accented with a contemporary style garage door. A very popular choice among homeowners, contemporary style garage doors offer modern elements, painted aluminum frames, even tempered glass panels. These glass panels can be frosted, clear, or tinted depending on the homeowner’s preference. Contemporary slab garage doors that open as a single panel that swings up is quickly becoming a preferred style over doors that open by folding up separate horizontal panels.

    Raised Panel Style Doors

    Another common garage door style is the raised panel style. This style is typically what a person envisions when thinking of a garage door. Despite how common this style can be, a new raised panel garage door is available in different colors and materials and can still greatly improve the exterior of a home.

    Salt Lake City New Garage Doors

    Universal Garage Door Repair offers a wide variety of new garage doors for sale.  From classic to modern design, we are confident you will find the style of garage door that will best complement, enhance or transform your home. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 for more information about the variety of garage doors available to update the look of your home.

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