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Garage Door Safty Tips

10 Important Garage Door Facts

  1. The Overhead garage door is the most used doorway into a home in Salt Lake City.
  2. The average weight of a 16’ x 7’ overhead garage door is 200pounds.
  3. Misused garage doors are responsible for more injuries than any other amenity.
  4. Torsion Springs are the most important aspect of a garage door.
  5. Amount of force on a garage door as it comes down can be as much as 500 pds.
  6. Fixing a garage door without proper tools or knowledge is extremely dangerous.
  7. Most people have no idea how a garage door functions and the possible dangers.
  8. Many problems can render a garage door useless leaving vehicles trapped inside.
  9. Average time for a repair company to respond in Las Vegas: 2 days.
  10. NEVER pull your emergency release cable when the garage door is open.

The best way to keep your door running smooth and problem free is to have Universal garage Door Repair regularly tune-up your garage Door. We recommend a tune-up every 6 months. We offer maintenance service as low as $25 per year.

Regular maintenance can save you thousands in the long run and help to avoid costly and dangerous situations that we see happen all the time.

Our Salt Lake City Garage Door Services uses the best lubrication and adjusts all moving arts. We also can keep your garage door from becoming noisy and loud. Loud noises in the garage door opening and closing indicate that there is some part out of alignment and if not adjusted can become unsafe or inoperable.

5 Most Important Parts for Garage Door Function & Safety

  1. Torsion Springs – located above door opening. Function: Springs convert the physical weight of a garage door. Turning a 200 pound door into a 5-8 pound door. Springs should be checked yearly and replaces every 8-10 years.
  2. Garage Door Opener – Motor driven device mounted near ceiling in center of the garage. Function: Opener is responsible for raising and lowering the door. Federal regulations require that all new openers have safety sensors wired to them in order to avoid crushing object as the door is lowered (1999).
  3. Rollers – wheels located on both sides of the door. Rollers are the only device supporting the physical weight of a door when fully opened overhead. These should be replaced every 8-10 years.
  4. Tracks- Located on both sides of the garage door. Provide support and guides for the rollers as the garage door is opened and closed. The track system should be free of any grease or dirt that could hinder the travel of the door.
  5. Safety cables- located on both sides of the door. Cables are attached to the bottom panel of the door and also to the hubs located near the springs. Function: attach the spring lift to the actual door.

Call Universal garage Door Repair today and we will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have with your garage door or motor.

Thank you for looking at our information.

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