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  • Newest Technology for Garage Door Openers

    Many people greeted the arrival of 2015 with fond memories of Back to the Future. We don’t have hoverboards and automatically drying clothes yet, but we do have technology that makes some of our simplest everyday tasks much easier. One example lies in garage door technology. Today, we’ll highlight some of the most recent developments in the garage door industry.

    New Transmitters

    In the past, garage doors had to be opened manually, a heavy and time-consuming task. The earliest garage door openers were often single-button handheld devices that weren’t always effective. Today, homeowners can easily open their garage doors with the press of a button. Liftmaster has recently perfected a transmitter that can open two doors at once even if one is several decades old. This helps increase your doors’ longevity and will save you money on track, cable, and spring repairs.

    Safer Doors, Safer Homes

    The area around the garage door used to be one of the most unsafe locations in the home. Doors could close unexpectedly or stick, leaving children and adults injured or trapped inside. It was also fairly easy for intruders to access homes through the garage. Today’s garage door openers come with features like electronic eyes that respond with infrared light when someone crosses a sensor as the door is closing. The light sends a signal for the door to reverse, keeping you safe.

    Many garage doors come with timers for opening and closing that you can set while you’re away, making your home more secure. There are also “smart” garage door systems you can connect to a mobile device and monitor on-the-go. Internet apps like these make garage door management as convenient as possible.

    Greater Compatibility

    Despite our increasingly technological world, some of us remain traditional, and that’s okay. Garage door openers come at all levels of technology, including levels compatible with the simpler versions used in the 1970s and 1980s. The 375UT controller is one of the most popular compatible options. Dip switch technology allows users to program the remote so it’s as complicated or simple as they prefer.

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