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  • Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Will Keep Your Garage Door Quiet And Safer

    Homeowners often overlook yearly maintenance for their garage door. However, taking proper care of your home’s garage door is extremely beneficial and helps to prevent expensive repairs and replacements. Among the many advantages of yearly garage door maintenance, it most importantly ensures that your garage door is operating safely and securely.


    At Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City, we offer comprehensive and affordable garage door maintenance that will improve the efficiency and extend the life of your home’s garage door.


    Yearly garage door maintenance also provides other benefits including:


    A Quieter And More Efficient Operation


    One of the biggest benefits of regular maintenance is ensuring that the garage door is operating smoothly and quietly. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a noisy operation as things like the spring system start to malfunction. Regular maintenance prevents internal components from squeaking, screeching or scratching, ensuring that the door opens and closes without loud or annoying noises. Yearly garage door maintenance also prolongs the life of your opener and the spring system as technicians check that all aspects of your garage door system are functioning properly and efficiently.


    Cost Effective Attention


    In addition to ensuring quiet and efficient operation, yearly maintenance is also cost-effective. Failing to invest in routine maintenance for your garage door can lead to expensive repairs or even require you to replace it far earlier than expected. Garage door maintenance can both extend the life of your garage door and catch potential problems before they can become costly issues.


    A Higher Resale Value


    A properly functioning garage door that not only looks, but also functions properly can also contribute to a higher selling price of the home. A garage door that is not working properly can negatively affect the value of your home in a competitive housing market.


    Much Safer


    Most importantly, yearly maintenance ensures that the garage door is safe to use. Neglecting professional garage door maintenance or service can lead you to miss potentially dangerous issues from malfunctioning or failing components. A garage door that is not functioning effectively or efficiently can result in harm or injury to you or someone in the household. For example, a malfunctioning sensor might release the garage door when it is supposed to stay up harming anyone standing underneath. Broken springs or other important parts of your garage door system can also result in dangerous situations such as a fallen door. In order to best protect your home and loved ones from a garage door accident, be sure to include yearly garage door maintenance on your home to-do list.


    Salt Lake City Garage Door Maintenance


    Universal Garage Door Repair offers quality garage door maintenance that will keep your garage door functioning efficiently while addressing potential problems before they can become worse. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 for more information or to schedule an appointment for Salt Lake City yearly garage door maintenance and service.

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