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  • Importance Of Replacing Weather Seal For Your Garage Door

    A garage door that is properly installed by an experienced technician will be installed with an important weather seal. Over time, this seal can crack, gap or even break off, thereby becoming useless. Unfortunately, many homeowners will neglect to replace a weather seal simply because they are able to continue using their garage door. Replacing a weather seal on a garage door is often viewed as an unnecessary expense, however a proper weather seal on your garage door offers a variety of benefits.

    Reduce Energy Bills

    The biggest advantage of a weather seal for a garage door is the improved ability to keep out extreme temperatures helping to cut down on energy costs. During hot Utah summers, a weather seal can prevent external hot air from getting inside the garage, which can help to keep indoor temperatures regulated. The same concept is true with cold air during winter. The temperature in a garage can greatly affect the temperature of a home, particularly for rooms adjacent or above. With a new garage door weather strip you are better able to ensure that the temperature in the garage is controlled helping you to lower energy bills.

    Block Out Insects

    Even if you close the garage door, insects are still able to get in through the space between the door and garage floor. However, replacing a worn weather seal with a new and properly installed garage door weather seal will help to close the gap, keeping insects and other pests better blocked out.

    Protection Against Burglary

    While a garage door in itself provides excellent resistance against any burglary attempts, it is not impenetrable. Thieves can use the gap between the garage door and the walls to break through. By sealing off these gaps, you can even help to keep burglars out of your home. For the highest protection, a weather seal must be intact.  Be sure to check your garage door weather seal for cracks or gaps that thieves could take advantage of.

    Better Protection For Indoor Objects

    Replacing a worn weather seal can also help to ensure that objects and belongings kept inside your garage are protected from natural elements. Without a garage door weather seal or even with a cracked weather seal, your possessions will be exposed to natural elements such as hot air, dust, dirt, cold air, and water. Over time, this exposure can even cause damage: objects made from iron can start rusting quickly while other things might get damp and become useless.  A new garage door weather seal will keep out natural elements from entering the garage, extending the life of anything kept in your garage.

    Salt Lake City Garage Door Weather Seal Replacement

    Universal Garage Door Repair provides comprehensive Salt Lake City garage door service including weather seal replacement. If you have recently noticed puddles of water within your garage, can feel drafts coming in through the garage door, or notice rusting around your garage door, you should consider replacing your garage door weather seal. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 to schedule an appointment.

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