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  • Garage Door Upgrade Ideas

    Gone are the days of plain or cookie cutter garage doors! Your garage door can now reflect the personality of your house, blend in with it, or even be a stunning piece of artwork. All it takes to get a garage door that personalizes and accentuates your home is a garage door company that specializes in working with you to design and install your new garage door accessory.

    Garage Door

    Reasons to upgrade your garage door

    Taking good care of your home is important, and a key element of your home is your garage. The garage door is the part of your garage that will need replacing from time to time, depending on the use it gets. A new garage door has a big impact on how your house looks and in addition, it offers significant benefits:

    1. Real estate agents will tell you that a garage which is in good shape helps a house sell more quickly and adds to the value of the house.
    2. A modern garage door that fits with the style of your house improves your home’s appearance and offers superb curb appeal.
    3. With attached garages and garages with living spaces, or garages used as a work area, a garage door with an R-16 insulation rating can reduce heating and cooling costs.
    4. There is much less maintenance needed with a new garage door.
    5. Your belongings will be safer and more secure.
    6. New safety features lessen the risk of personal injury from your garage door.
    7. Your insurance payments will be lower.

    The company that cares about you and the environment

    Universal Garage Door Repair offers affordable garage repair and garage door installation. With the many styles available, you can choose a look for your garage door that completely matches your house. They will help you design a garage door that both adds functionality and value to your home.

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