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  • Tips for Maintaining a Safe and Secure Garage Door

    At Universal Garage Door Repair, we’re celebrating safety month by reminding our customers to pay attention to a few important tips for maintaining a safe garage door.

    As the largest mechanical item in the average Utah home, a faulty or badly functioning garage door can become a dangerous hazard if left unchecked. Furthermore, a faulty door is a tempting entry point for burglars and vandals. Keeping your door in good shape is of paramount importance.

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    How to Ensure a Secure Garage Door

    Keeping your garage door in good working order is not difficult. You just have to observe the following guidelines:

    Be Proactive with Preventative Maintenance: Have a professional inspector visit your home and verify your door at least twice a year. Our garage door company inspectors can prevent problems from occurring, which saves you money in the long-run.

    Ensure Standard Garage Safety Features: Exposed springs are a serious hazard, for instance. Also, electronic doors need to have an auto-stop feature built-in so that they don’t push their full weight onto unsuspecting guests.

    Be Aware of Garage Door Security: Your garage door needs to lock securely and reliably. If your locking mechanism doesn’t work properly, someone could easily lift it up and gain entrance to your home.

    Organize Your Garage Space: Keep obstacles clear from the door. This includes both the floor space where the door closes and the overhead space where it opens.

    Prevent Injuries by Teaching Garage Safety to Family Members: Small children are particularly exposed to garage door dangers. Take time to instruct family members that garage doors are not toys and that playing with the opening mechanism is not allowed.

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    The most important aspect of your door’s safety is ensuring that all parts work smoothly. Our team can make sure that is the case – contact us today to schedule an inspection.

    Universal Garage Door Repair installs, repairs, and inspects garage doors in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact us to schedule a service call with a licensed professional.

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