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  • How LED Lights Can Cause Problems with Your Garage Door Opener

    Did you know that the kind of bulb you use in your garage door opener can actually cause your door to malfunction?

    The bulb in question is the one that automatically lights up the room whenever you open your garage door, allowing you to see where you’re driving or walking. Users should opt for non-LED bulbs in their opening system because of frequency issues.

    What Does Frequency Have to Do with It?

    Most LED bulbs will emit interference which can limit the range in which the garage door can operate. In order for your garage door to work properly, it’s important that the receiver – which receives waves of a certain frequency – is not interrupted by interference from other pieces of equipment.

    When LED bulbs are installed in your garage door opener, they will offer an efficient light source, but they will cause sporadic problems when opening and shutting your garage door using a remote control. Outside interference will confuse the receiver, and it might only respond after pressing the remote control button multiple times.


    In order to ensure that your garage door opener works properly, you’ll need to choose a bulb that operates between 315MHz and 390MHz. Alternatively, you can opt for an incandescent bulb, which does not emit interference, but may be harder to find as a result of being phased in favor of newer options.

    Need Help with Your Garage Door?

    Struggling with your garage door receiver? Not sure what kind of bulb would be best, or if an incandescent bulb can even be installed in your system? No matter what system you have installed, help is at hand.

    At Universal Garage Door Repair, we have experience working with a wide range of garage door opening systems, and our team of trained professionals understand the problems that LED bulbs can cause. Call today at (801) 784-4550, and one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your issues, and arrange a day to visit your property for repair or maintenance services.

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