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  • Glass Garage Doors

    We know that choosing a garage door can be tough.

    People want to keep their property safe, but they also want to choose something that will add curb appeal to their home. A glass garage door can be a great choice if you’re looking for both these perks.

    Aluminum and tempered glass doors provide a sleek, modern-looking appearance that other doors do not. They also offer solid protection for your vehicle and other belongings. Whether you need installations or repairs, we can help.
    Glass Garage Doors

    High-Quality Doors That Look Great

    A garage door can have a big impact on the appearance of any piece of property. Choosing a garage door depends heavily on the style you prefer. We know everyone has different tastes when it comes to the aesthetic quality of a garage door, and a glass garage door can complement almost any look.

    Regardless of the color scheme or materials used on a house or garage, tempered glass with colored aluminum panels can blend in nicely and complement the look of a building. In addition, garage door installation is quick and easy when you opt for the glass option.

    Light Doors That Are Easy to Maneuver

    Getting garage door repair can be a lengthy procedure if the door is hard to work with. Bulky and heavy doors can present some problems, even for professionals. Our glass doors are durable, but they’re also very light. This makes them easy to set up and repair as needed.

    While the glass is light, the tempered nature makes it very strong and resistant to breaking. Aluminum frames add to the strength, creating a robust material that provides plenty of reliable use.

    We offer reliable glass garage doors and all the services you need to go along with them. To find out more, contact Universal Garage Door Repair today.

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