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Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Will Keep Your Garage Door Quiet And Safer

Homeowners often overlook yearly maintenance for their garage door. However, taking proper care of your home’s garage door is extremely beneficial and helps to prevent expensive repairs and replacements. Among the many advantages of yearly garage door maintenance, it most importantly ensures that your garage door is operating safely and securely.


At Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City, we offer comprehensive and affordable garage door maintenance that will improve the efficiency and extend the life of your home’s garage door.


Yearly garage door maintenance also provides other benefits including:


A Quieter And More Efficient Operation


One of the biggest benefits of regular maintenance is ensuring that the garage door is operating smoothly and quietly. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a noisy operation as things like the spring system start to malfunction. Regular maintenance prevents internal components from squeaking, screeching or scratching, ensuring that the door opens and closes without loud or annoying noises. Yearly garage door maintenance also prolongs the life of your opener and the spring system as technicians check that all aspects of your garage door system are functioning properly and efficiently.


Cost Effective Attention


In addition to ensuring quiet and efficient operation, yearly maintenance is also cost-effective. Failing to invest in routine maintenance for your garage door can lead to expensive repairs or even require you to replace it far earlier than expected. Garage door maintenance can both extend the life of your garage door and catch potential problems before they can become costly issues.


A Higher Resale Value


A properly functioning garage door that not only looks, but also functions properly can also contribute to a higher selling price of the home. A garage door that is not working properly can negatively affect the value of your home in a competitive housing market.


Much Safer


Most importantly, yearly maintenance ensures that the garage door is safe to use. Neglecting professional garage door maintenance or service can lead you to miss potentially dangerous issues from malfunctioning or failing components. A garage door that is not functioning effectively or efficiently can result in harm or injury to you or someone in the household. For example, a malfunctioning sensor might release the garage door when it is supposed to stay up harming anyone standing underneath. Broken springs or other important parts of your garage door system can also result in dangerous situations such as a fallen door. In order to best protect your home and loved ones from a garage door accident, be sure to include yearly garage door maintenance on your home to-do list.


Salt Lake City Garage Door Maintenance


Universal Garage Door Repair offers quality garage door maintenance that will keep your garage door functioning efficiently while addressing potential problems before they can become worse. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 for more information or to schedule an appointment for Salt Lake City yearly garage door maintenance and service.

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Tips for Maintaining a Safe and Secure Garage Door

At Universal Garage Door Repair, we’re celebrating safety month by reminding our customers to pay attention to a few important tips for maintaining a safe garage door.

As the largest mechanical item in the average Utah home, a faulty or badly functioning garage door can become a dangerous hazard if left unchecked. Furthermore, a faulty door is a tempting entry point for burglars and vandals. Keeping your door in good shape is of paramount importance.

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How to Ensure a Secure Garage Door

Keeping your garage door in good working order is not difficult. You just have to observe the following guidelines:

Be Proactive with Preventative Maintenance: Have a professional inspector visit your home and verify your door at least twice a year. Our garage door company inspectors can prevent problems from occurring, which saves you money in the long-run.

Ensure Standard Garage Safety Features: Exposed springs are a serious hazard, for instance. Also, electronic doors need to have an auto-stop feature built-in so that they don’t push their full weight onto unsuspecting guests.

Be Aware of Garage Door Security: Your garage door needs to lock securely and reliably. If your locking mechanism doesn’t work properly, someone could easily lift it up and gain entrance to your home.

Organize Your Garage Space: Keep obstacles clear from the door. This includes both the floor space where the door closes and the overhead space where it opens.

Prevent Injuries by Teaching Garage Safety to Family Members: Small children are particularly exposed to garage door dangers. Take time to instruct family members that garage doors are not toys and that playing with the opening mechanism is not allowed.

Call us for Garage Door Inspection in Salt Lake City, Utah

The most important aspect of your door’s safety is ensuring that all parts work smoothly. Our team can make sure that is the case – contact us today to schedule an inspection.

Universal Garage Door Repair installs, repairs, and inspects garage doors in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact us to schedule a service call with a licensed professional.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Working Order

Your garage door is the first line of protection for your vehicle and other treasured possessions you keep in your garage. For that reason, it’s important to perform some basic maintenance.

At Universal Garage Door Repair – a garage door company serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas – we believe it’s important to have great repair services available, and to take steps to ensure your door stays in great working order.

  • Test Your Doors Balance

    Garage doors use a system of rollers, which allows the door to be lifted up and down. These rollers can be made of steel and nylon (as well as several other materials), and should be inspected at least twice per year. Checking that these rollers are in good working order as regularly as possible can help you avoid any unexpected problems.

    To check your rollers, simply examine them and see if you see any chips or cracks. If you notice any damage at all, it’s time to call our team at Universal Garage Door Repair to replace them.

  • Check the Weatherstrip

    The Weatherstrip is the rubber weather seal that you’ll see at the bottom of your door. This creates a tight seal, without risking scratching your garage door on the ground. The strip is also used to stop cold air flowing into your property, and to act as a barrier for when it’s raining.

    This rubber seal can become cracked and stiff over time, and when that happens, it stops being effective—so be sure to check the seal regularly!

  • Keep the Tracks Clear

    Finally, remember to keep the tracks clear. These are located on both sides of your garage door, and if they are obstructed in any way, it can cause serious damage to the door. Attempting to close the door with obstructed tracks can permanently damage or warp your door, or break the tracks altogether.

If you have any concerns about your garage door, or you need a specialist to perform repairs and maintenance, be sure to contact our team at Universal Garage Door Repair. Operating throughout Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, our team of professionals will be delighted to offer you the services you need!

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Wood Garage Door

Garage Be Gone! How to Hide Your Wheels

Everyone needs a place for their car, but sometimes the garage can be an eyesore that completely dominates a home’s façade. You can’t get rid of the garage, because they are so vital to you and your cars, but luckily there are ways to make it more visually appealing.
Let us at Universal Garage Door Repair show you that your garage does not have to be an ugly but necessary evil. With the right look, your garage will add to the beauty and value of your home instead of taking away from it.

Wood Garage Door

Get a New Door

The easiest and quickest solution to an ugly garage is replacing the door with something more attractive. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we offer a variety of options that can help make this part of your home more aesthetically pleasing. With the right door, your garage won’t even really look like a garage.

Go Modern

We have a great solution for homes that want to achieve a modern appearance. Our Avante collection offers a modern style with its combination of aluminum and glass. There are many window options available so that you may decide the degree of light transmission through the glass. The light glowing through this door will give it an almost lantern-like look. The warm glow of this door can be a welcoming site for your visitors.

Go Rustic

We also offer collections that give garage doors a wooden appearance. Our Gallery collection will give your home the semblance of a quaint and rustic carriage house. Our Canyon Ridge collection also has a wooden appearance. This collection offers a wide range of customization options that can fit the style of any house. A door from either one of these collections can completely revamp your home’s look.

Let Us Help

We at Universal Garage Door Repair want you to be happy with your garage. We offer a multitude of services from garage door repair to new door installation. If you feel like your garage is an eyesore, contact us so we can get started on installing a new door that will completely change the look of your house. We are devoted designing, repairing, and installing doors that will increase not only the beauty of your home, but also the safety and value.

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Wood Garage Doors

There is little that can match the beauty and distinctiveness of natural wood. Doors of all types have been made of wood for centuries. The earliest records of wooden doors were in the Egyptian tombs with doors made of a single piece of wood. Doors in tombs were believed to be the entryway to the afterlife. In dry Egypt, there was no concern for wooden doors warping, but in more humid areas of the world that has been a great concern. Garage doors have also been made of wood, and our garage door company can provide them.

Wood Garage Door

But you must see the newest version of wooden garage doors

Clopay offers wooden garage doors, but they also offer an outstanding new version of the wooden garage door, the Gallery Collection®. With their three-layered construction, these garage doors offer:

  • Incomparably strong steel skins with a layered coating system
  • Insulating R-values from 6.3 to 18.4
  • Glass inset options, either insulated or non-insulated
  • Removable grills for ease of cleaning
  • A variety of decorative hardware
  • Tongue-and-grove joints to keep out the weather elements
  • Different panel sizes

Best of all, these doors have a faux wood grain that is almost indecipherable from real wood. They have the look and feel of wood with the heavy security of a layered steel door that is almost completely impenetrable.

Clopay also offers the Canyon Ridge® Collection of faux wood-grained garage doors that are fashioned out of durable steel and composite. This collection has the beauty and realistic look of a naturally stained wooden garage door with the strength and energy efficiency of a steel garage door.

You can get wood-looking garage doors without the upkeep

If you have always wanted the look of wood without the maintenance issues, these steel faux wood-grained doors are a wonderful choice for your new garage doors. They can be installed as residential garage doors or as part of our commercial garage door service. We offer all of the garage door accessories to outfit these handsome doors. Our affordable garage door repair service can fix your current garage door or install a new one.


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