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  • Pulling The Red Handle (When Do You Use The Emergency Release?)

    It can be frustrating when technology fails, particularly with something as large as a garage door. Garage doors are available with such advanced and innovative technology, yet there are times when this technology does not function properly requiring you to use often forgotten manual mechanisms.

    Regardless of the type of garage door or which technology has been installed in your garage door system, all come equipped with an emergency release cord or “Red Handle” that sets the doors into manual mode. It is very important, however, to know when to pull that red handle and how to do it correctly.

    When To Use The Emergency Release

    When The Power Is Out: Power outages can be a common occurrence, but can bring an uncommon need to open a garage door manually. Even backup batteries on a system can run out and require you to pull the red emergency release handle in order to open or close the doors to your garage.

    System Malfunction: There are many things that could result in a malfunctioning garage door system. A system malfunction can be the result of faulty wires, misaligned or blocked sensors on either side of the door or even battery failure on the remote. Whatever the case, you can use the emergency release handle to open your garage doors manually when the automated system is not doing it for you.

    Garage Fire: More than 6,000 garage fires are reported every year resulting in approximately 30 deaths and injuries to around 400 people. Property damages from garage fires result in almost 500 million dollars. The most common causes for garage fires are faulty electric wires and overloaded power outlets. Experienced fire fighters sometimes turn to the emergency handle to manually open the garage door allowing heat and smoke to vent outwards rather in toward the house.

    Releasing The Emergency Handle

    Knowing how to properly disengage your garage door using the emergency handle will help to prevent damages, injury and make it easier to re-engage the door later on.

    The Door Must Be Closed: The most important thing to keep in mind while operating the emergency red handle is to ensure that the door is closed and resting on the ground. Do not under any circumstance use the red handle when the garage doors are open. This could cause the weight of the door to come crashing down and potentially causing serious injuries or extensive damages. If your garage door is open and you are unable to close it, the best thing to do is to call an experienced garage door service company.

    Pull The Red Handle: The emergency release handle is the red handle on a red cord hanging from the door trolley, which moves with the door. Pulling the red handle downward releases the trolley from the automated carriage allowing you to manually move the door.

    Universal Garage Door Repair offers professional garage door repair and maintenance. If you have recently pulled that red handle, contact us today for fast and reliable garage door repair or service.

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