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  • How You Benefit From Making Your Garage A Smart Garage

    Space and convenience are two precious commodities for any homeowner. The garage provides a multidimensional space solution with the added benefit of automated convenience. However, convenience and functionality can quickly be affected by an inefficient garage door.

    Crude mechanically operated garage doors can be frustrating when they don’t function like they should, particularly in situations like bad weather or if you’ve lost your keys. Installing a smart garage door system can change the dynamics of your garage and provide a number of unique benefits.

    The majority of garage doors are operated with a small remote that can do nothing more open and close the door when the remote is in close proximity to the opener. A smart garage door opener allows you to not only open and close the garage door like you’re used to, but it can also connect to your smartphone allowing you to monitor and control it from any location.

    Advantages Of A Smart Garage Door Opener

    Installing a smart garage door opener in your new home or updating your existing garage door opener is a worthwhile investment that offers you unique and beneficial advantages.

    Security – Smart door openers will enhance the security of your garage and home. It will notify you whenever your garage door is opened while simultaneously providing you with constant monitoring of your garage and anyone who comes in or out. Smart garage systems available today will offer a smart phone application through which you can receive alerts whenever the door is opened or closed, notifying you if intruders come in your house when you are not home.

    Convenient Access – Another unique feature of a smart garage door opener is the ability to open or close the doors from just about anywhere. This allows you to close your garage door from wherever you are if you have forgotten to do so. It also makes it possible to grant access to a trusted friend or relative when needed.

    Programmable Operations – Through your smartphone application you can also set specific times for your garage doors to open and close on a daily basis. You can even program a setting in which the app will automatically close the garage door if it remains open for a certain period of time.

    Salt Lake City Smart Garage Door Openers

    The innovative technology available today can offer a new level of function and convenience that can also add value to your home. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we proudly offer Liftmaster Garage Door Openers equipped with built-in MyQ technology. We also offer the MyQ Home Bridge, which adds smartphone control to your MyQ enabled garage door opener.

    The Liftmaster MyQ Home Bridge is one of the popular smart garage door systems on the market. It provides you with the convenience of smartphone integration that allows you to control access to your garage from just about anywhere at any point in time. It is not only easy to install in your garage, it also works seamlessly with your iPhone or Apple HomeKit. For more information or to schedule an appointment for a new smart garage door system, contact Universal Garage Door Repair today at (801) 784-4550.

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