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  • Warning Signs Of An Unbalanced Garage Door

    Ensuring that your garage door is properly balanced is necessary if you’d like to extend its lifespan and maintain it in good working condition. An unbalanced garage door can lead to several risks including property damage or injury. Recognizing the warning signs of an unbalanced garage door will help you to avoid costly repairs or damage.

    Speed Of The Door

    If your garage door is moving slower than usual, it could be an indication of an imbalance. Typically, people will not notice a garage door moving slower than usual until after a few days of it happening. It is likely that the right amount of push or pull is not being provided to the door, which if neglected it could lead to the door becoming even slower or eventually stopping completely.


    This is a simple test to check the balance of the garage door. However, you will need to operate the door manually rather than with the remote. Open and close the door multiple times in succession. If the door keeps operating smoothly even after continuous testing, then you can be sure that the door is balanced well. But if you open the door, and instead of staying open, the door closes by itself, then there might be an issue with the balance.

    Uneven Look

    Check how the garage door looks when opened and closed. Does it look slanted and uneven? If so, the door is surely unbalanced. In all probability, the slant is caused by power not being transferred to all sections of the door equally. This results in one end of the garage door getting lopsided.


    A garage door that has been balanced perfectly will not make any noise. As such, if you start hearing noises every time you operate the door, it is an indication that there is something wrong with it. The noise can be caused due to lubrication issues, stress on an old motor, or from gears cracking or popping. The first thing you should do is to apply lubricant, but if the problem still persists, you should call in a professional service to check and get the door back in balance.

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