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  • 3 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Working Order

    Your garage door is the first line of protection for your vehicle and other treasured possessions you keep in your garage. For that reason, it’s important to perform some basic maintenance.

    At Universal Garage Door Repair – a garage door company serving Salt Lake City and surrounding areas – we believe it’s important to have great repair services available, and to take steps to ensure your door stays in great working order.

    • Test Your Doors Balance

      Garage doors use a system of rollers, which allows the door to be lifted up and down. These rollers can be made of steel and nylon (as well as several other materials), and should be inspected at least twice per year. Checking that these rollers are in good working order as regularly as possible can help you avoid any unexpected problems.

      To check your rollers, simply examine them and see if you see any chips or cracks. If you notice any damage at all, it’s time to call our team at Universal Garage Door Repair to replace them.

    • Check the Weatherstrip

      The Weatherstrip is the rubber weather seal that you’ll see at the bottom of your door. This creates a tight seal, without risking scratching your garage door on the ground. The strip is also used to stop cold air flowing into your property, and to act as a barrier for when it’s raining.

      This rubber seal can become cracked and stiff over time, and when that happens, it stops being effective—so be sure to check the seal regularly!

    • Keep the Tracks Clear

      Finally, remember to keep the tracks clear. These are located on both sides of your garage door, and if they are obstructed in any way, it can cause serious damage to the door. Attempting to close the door with obstructed tracks can permanently damage or warp your door, or break the tracks altogether.

    If you have any concerns about your garage door, or you need a specialist to perform repairs and maintenance, be sure to contact our team at Universal Garage Door Repair. Operating throughout Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, our team of professionals will be delighted to offer you the services you need!

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