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  • Is it Time for a Garage Door Replacement? Know the Signs

    Garage doors do last a while, but eventually, everyone needs a garage door replacement.

    Luckily, your garage will start to tell you when it is getting too worn out to do the job, and if you catch it early, you could avoid the cost of a last-minute repair.

    Why Replace?

    Your garage door is there to protect your car as well as the belongings that you store in the garage. It keeps rodents and wildlife out, and the elements away from your delicate items. While they are an investment, the garage doors will last a few decades and the motor possibly just as long (if you maintain it, of course).

    4 Signs its Time for a Garage Door Replacement

    • Odd Noises

    When you open your garage door, are you greeted with loud noises, screeching, and a sound that can be heard throughout the house? Noises such as these may be a sign that you have failing components and it is time for a replacement.

    • The Door is No Longer Balanced

    Springs that hold your garage door in place will wear out. If the door is rattling and shaking as it opens, it puts excess strain on the motor. Also, if the door is no longer balanced, it could fall instead of staying in place – a serious safety hazard.

    • You Have Visible Damage

    Did you accidentally back into the door once? Perhaps it was damaged in a recent storm? If there is physical damage to the door, such as cracks, dents, and holes, it is time for a garage door replacement.

    • Utility Bills are Increasing

    A good garage door will lower your heating and cooling costs inside because it is helping you maintain the temperature inside the garage. If your door is more than 20 years old, it is time for an upgrade to something more energy-efficient.

    Call Universal Garage Door for Your Garage Door Replacement or Service

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