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  • How to Winterize Your Garage

    You winterize your home, and you winterize your car.

    However, how much effort do you put into winterizing your garage and the garage doors?

    In Salt Lake City, temperatures average 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit as the high in the winter, with some nights dropping into the teens, says U.S. Climate Data. So, it’s more than important to prepare and winterize your garage, too, for the wintry chill, snow, ice, and salt.

    5 Tips for Preparing Your Garage for This Year’s Cold Winter Temperatures

    Add Insulation

    Insulation on garage doors keeps the garage temperature warmer than the outside. This may reduce heating costs for the interior of your home too when a cold garage is not connected to it. HomeAdvisor also points out how a lack of insulation promotes moisture damage and rodent infestation. So, it is worth the investment.

    Waterproof the Garage Floor

    During the winter, your garage floor will take a beating. Not only does it take the wear and tear of your tires driving in and out, but also the water, ice, snow, and salt that your tires bring inside. Protect the surface of your garage floor with an epoxy coating.

    Have a Garage Door Service Do a Maintenance Appointment

    Garage doors require maintenance too. Having a professional come out and examine your garage door, fix broken springs, and apply the proper lubrication could ensure that your door works flawlessly all winter long.

    Install a Heater

    This may be an extreme cost for some, but if you spend time in your garage, adding a heater could be the solution. For those that have a workshop or like to wax their car in the winter, a garage heater is a must-have.

    Upgrade Your Garage Door

    Sometimes it is a matter of upgrading your home’s existing garage door. If your garage door is more than 15 years old, it is unlikely to have the latest insulation and lift technology.

    Universal Garage Door Repair can help you winterize this year. Whether you want to upgrade to an insulated garage door, or you want to replace your old motor with a state-of-the-art Liftmaster, we can help.

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