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How a New Garage Door Can Revive Your Curb Appeal

By: webadmin | August 26, 2017

When you give your home’s exterior a facelift, don’t neglect the garage door.

This is a big mistake because it’s a prominent feature and adds to the overall style of your home.

In fact, a new garage door can instantly revive your curb appeal. As a result, your home will look more modern, attractive, and inviting.

Here are just a few more benefits of investing wisely in a new door from a garage door company.

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3 Ways a New Garage Door Improves Your Exterior

If you want to instantly revive a tired exterior, a new door for your garage works wonders. Here’s how.

1. It Adds Contrast

An old door that’s a bland color does nothing for your front yard. It doesn’t blend in – it stands out and looks dated.

Meanwhile, a new door with some contrast adds visual interest and life to your home’s exterior. It stands out, but in a good way, and kicks up your curb appeal a few notches.

2. It Emphasizes Your Home’s Style and Architecture

If you have a home with a distinct style, your plain old door may be bringing it down. You really should go for a door with the same design as your home for a seamless look that makes the architecture pop.

Got a craftsman home? Go for a similar door with a handcrafted look for ultimate charm. Got a historic Tudor? A carriage house-style door brings out the home’s character.

3. It Helps Balance Your Façade

Your garage takes up a lot of real estate, especially if it faces the front. To keep the entire look of your home cohesive and balanced, you need to give it some attention.

Help create that balance by adding a door that plays off your home’s front entrance, window trim, shutters, or other accents. These elements should complement each other so your entire exterior looks seamless.

Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Fresh Door from a Garage Door Company

A garage door company can provide lots of great selections for a new door with charm, character, and beauty. If you want your curb appeal to soar, choose a new door from the pros at Universal Garage Door Repair.

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