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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Garage Be Gone! How to Hide Your Wheels

By: webadmin | September 27, 2016

Everyone needs a place for their car, but sometimes the garage can be an eyesore that completely dominates a home’s façade. You can’t get rid of the garage, because they are so vital to you and your cars, but luckily there are ways to make it more visually appealing. Let us at Universal Garage Door …


Wood Garage Doors

By: webadmin | September 16, 2016

There is little that can match the beauty and distinctiveness of natural wood. Doors of all types have been made of wood for centuries. The earliest records of wooden doors were in the Egyptian tombs with doors made of a single piece of wood. Doors in tombs were believed to be the entryway to the …


Can You Hear Me Now? Garage Doors that Can Talk

By: webadmin | September 1, 2016

If garage doors could talk, they would have much to tell you. They watch the neighborhood, guard your possessions, and safeguard your family. But wait! Garage doors can talk. LiftMaster’s elite group of garage door openers work with a system that allows you to talk with your garage door, telling it to open or close, …

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