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  • Why You Should Hire a Professional to Do Garage Door Work

    Americans are largely independent people and many feel the need to prove their independence by completing do-it-yourself projects. Some people are especially vulnerable to this when it comes to household projects such as servicing a garage door. In reality, garage door repair is dangerous and should be left to professionals for three great reasons.

    Heavy Door Sections

    Garage door repair is first and foremost a heavy job. Many of today’s garages have large, sectioned steel doors. These allow you to open one or two areas of your garage at a time. Sectioned steel doors are also better at protecting your car and the other possessions stored in your garage from weather, insects, and intruders.

    The downside is that moving these doors causes hundreds of injuries to technicians and do-it-yourself repairers every year. Trying to move a stainless steel door can strain your back, neck, knees, or legs, exacerbating any existing joint pain. You could potentially break a bone, or sever a digit because of fast-moving steel door tracks.

    Deadly Tension and Torsion Repair

    If your garage door struggles to open and close, is creaking or squeaking, or has rusty springs, call a professional right away. Garage doors experience plenty of tension. Worn-out pulleys and old cables can make spring repair more dangerous. Cables can become twisted in the door or track and pulleys can give way, causing the door to crash downward. Resist the temptation to place a new door on an old track or use old springs on a new door, as this increases tension.

    Dangerous Electricity

    If you use an electric garage door opener, you are feeding electricity through your door’s cables every time you use it. Triggers can be tripped accidentally during repairs, leading to electrical injuries or electrocution. A professional can make sure this doesn’t happen.

    Regardless of how many garage door repair YouTube videos you’ve watched, hiring a professional is the only way to make sure your repair is done safely.


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