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  • The 3 Benefits of Garage Door Weather Seals

    Garages, while designed for parking cars, serve a much larger purpose in most households. Not only is it a form of protection for your vehicles, but it can also act as a storage unit, gym, office, or game room. Regardless of how you use your garage, using weather seal to protect it from the elements is an important investment.
    The 3 Advantages of Using Garage Door Weather Seals

    The Benefits of Weather Seals

    Three of the major benefits of garage door weather seals include:

    Insulation :- Depending on what you keep in your garage, the extreme heat or cold during particular times of the year can be damaging. Weather strips keep the weather outside and allow you to better control the temperature inside.

    :- The average garage door will be opened and closed more than 200 times in the next month alone. Multiply that by years of use and you’ll begin to understand the beating your doors take. A weather seal can also serve as a form of protection for your door, cushioning it from repetitive contact with concrete and siding.

    Barrier :- While covered by a roof and guarded by a large door, your garage is fairly vulnerable to the elements. The third advantage of using a garage door seal is that it acts as a barrier between the outdoor elements and indoor storage. Without it, heavy rains can leak through small cracks, wind blows through gaps, and cold weather easily penetrates thin doors. A weather seal can prolong the life of your garage and everything in it by providing additional protection from the outdoors.

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