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  • The Value of Yearly Garage Door Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is a way of life. There are bi-annual teeth cleanings, monthly landscaping, weekly house cleaning, annual doctor checkups, and more. While your calendar is booked full of appointments like these, do you have a garage door tune up on the books?

    Annual Garage Door Maintenance

    Contrary to what you might believe, garage doors don’t continue to operate indefinitely. To get the most out of your door, it needs to be serviced and maintained at least once per year. Here are a few reasons why:

    • Safety. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. If it breaks or malfunctions, the results could be catastrophic. The door could be rendered useless, your car could be damaged, or, even worse, you may end up injured (more than 20,000 people were in 2011).
    • Useful life. Regular maintenance ensures small issues don’t become major problems. Simple fixes for things like broken springs and damaged tracks can prolong the life of your garage door system and prevent the need for a premature replacement.
    • Noise. Have you ever listened to your neighbor’s loud, screeching garage door open and close and wondered how it got that way? The answer is probably a lack of regular maintenance. Over time, rust develops and parts get worn down, resulting in loud noises that make opening your garage embarrassing. With annual garage door maintenance, your door stays well lubricated and old parts are replaced with fresh ones.

    Keep Your Garage Door Quieter and Safer with Yearly Maintenance

    Universal Garage Doors

    In many cases, a garage door accounts for as much as 40 percent of the front of your home. Does it make sense to ignore such a large portion of your house? For professional garage door repair and replacement services, consider Universal Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City. For a free estimate, please contact us today by calling (901) 784-4550 or (888) 451-4205.

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