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    Smartphones and mobile technology are truly changing the way we live, work, and play. Whether it’s the ability to video chat with a person in China or play entertaining games while waiting on a flight in New York, your smartphone is capable of many things. Surprisingly, experts believe we are only scraping the surface of smartphone capabilities.

    Technology that Keeps Your Home Safe

    Have you ever left the house and forgotten whether you shut off the water, locked the front door, or shut the garage door? It happens to all of us from time to time and can be a major inconvenience. We are either forced to turn around and double check, which puts us behind, or we spend the entire day worrying about it. Thanks to new mobile technology, that may be a thing of the past. Here’s a look at a few cool smartphone compatible technologies:

    Mobile Technology Changing the Way You Manage Your Home

    • Video monitoring. There are a number of companies – such as Dropcam – that allow you to setup webcams in your home and stream live video to your mobile device. You can use it to check on your kids, monitor activity when on vacation, or see if your babysitter is worth the money you’re spending.
    • Door locking. With door locking technology, house keys may be a thing of the past. Apps like Lockitron enable users to digitally and remotely lock and unlock their doors.
    • Garage door monitoring. Your garage door represents a major entryway into your home. If you’ve ever forgotten to shut the door or turn off the lights, you understand how valuable it would be to be able to monitor your garage when away from home. Thanks to the Liftmaster 8550 with built-in MyQ technology, it’s a reality.

    Universal Garage Doors

    At Universal Garage Doors, we can install Liftmaster automated technology in your garage for a convenient and cost-effective security solution. For more information, please contact us today!


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