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Smartphone Technology For Your Garage Door

Garage doors are traditionally operated either through a remote or manually from the side of the door, however recent developments in technology now allow you to operate your garage from your smartphone. Smartphone applications for garage doors provide numerous benefits, which is why our experienced team at Universal Garage Door Repair encourage homeowners to invest in installing or upgrading their garage door system.

Operate From Anywhere

The greatest benefit of this technology is the ability to operate your garage door from anywhere. You can be on vacation, hundreds of miles away, and still be able to open or close the door through your smartphone app. This can also be useful and convenient if you need to let someone into your home or garage, but you are unable to be at home to do this yourself. With real-time updates, you can also be notified every time your garage door is open or closed, helping you to know if anyone enters your garage regardless of where you are.

Schedule Opening And Closing

Have you ever wanted to open and close the garage door for a specific time period on a fixed schedule? While this would have been difficult earlier, it is not the case now. With smartphone apps, you can easily set the time for opening and closing the door, and the garage door will operate on its own (automatically) as per the instructions you’ve set.

Extra Security

Smartphone technology also provides an extra security measure for both your garage and your home. As mentioned previously, it allows you to know if your garage is opened, which allows you to notify authorities if your garage is ever opened when you’re out of town. In addition, smartphones can alert you if the garage door is not balanced properly. Typically, sensors provide this information, but with smartphone technology you are notified as soon as the sensors detect this information, rather than when you finally notice. Likewise, if the garage door is not closing, as it should, the app can be programmed to alert you.

Monitor Door Activity

You can take security to an extra level by setting up cameras near the garage door. If anyone were to enter the garage forcefully, cameras would record the suspect providing documentation for you to give law enforcement. You can also observe such attempts in real time allowing you to take quick appropriate action to protect your home and family.

Salt Lake City Smartphone Technology For Garage Doors

Smartphone technology provides a practical way to monitor your home security whenever you leave. Through texts and alerts, you can be notified every time your door opens and closes along with preemptive alerts when there is a problem with your sensors. At Universal Garage Door Repair, we offer garage door systems equipped with advanced smartphone technology. For more information or to setup an appointment call us today at (801) 784-4550.

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Importance Of Safety Sensors

Reports have shown that nearly 30,000 people in the U.S. suffer physical injuries every year due to garage door malfunctions. A large contributor to injury or damage from a garage door is the lack of safety sensors or malfunctioning safety sensors. Safety sensors are a key component of a garage door system, installed to ensure the proper functioning of the door by preventing the door from closing on anything in its path.

The Role Of Sensors

The primary purpose of a safety sensor is to ensure that objects, vehicles, or even people are not in the way of the garage door’s path as it closes. Most garage doors have two sensors that are placed on both sides of the door, typically close to ground level. These sensors communicate through infrared beams and are connected to a control system that sends signals to the opener. Whenever this beam is interrupted, the sensor sends directions to the garage door to stop closing, thereby making sure that people, pets, property and vehicles are protected.

When The Sensors Malfunction

Every now and then, the safety sensors do malfunction, creating a potentially dangerous situation. People entering the garage as it is closing could get injured because the garage door will not know to stop. If you are noticing that your garage door does not close despite something being in the way, or if perhaps the garage door does not close when something is not blocking the sensors, it might be a clear indication that there is something wrong with your garage door sensor.

Ensuring Properly Functioning Safety Sensors

Though it is impossible to guarantee that the sensors will always perform well, you can take some simple steps to make sure that the safety sensors on your garage door are functioning correctly.

Proper installation is key factor for ensuring that safety sensors are working correctly. Garage door safety sensors should be installed correctly on every garage with a motorized opener. Sensors should be no more than 6 inches from the ground at the bottom of the garage door. Safety sensors should be even with each other in order to ensure a clear path for the infrared beam.

Salt Lake City Garage Door Service

Finally, no matter how tempted you might be, you should not attempt to install or repair components of your garage door system, including sensors, by yourself. Inexperience could cause even more damage. To ensure that your garage door system is functioning properly and that the very important safety sensors are in good working order, trust in the professional garage door repair service from Universal Garage Door Repair. Call us today at (801) 784-4550 for experience in repair, replacing or installing safety sensors or to address any other garage door issue.

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