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  • Maintaining Your Garage Door – When To Call For Repairs

    Garage Doors
    Maintenance for your garage doors is something that is often overlooked, but remembering in maintain and care for the garage doors of your home will help save money and extend the life and efficiency of your doors.

    Garage doors provide invaluable security for your home along with convenience. Extending the life of your garage doors and preserving their efficiency requires routine maintenance along with being proactive to call for repairs when they’re needed.

    Universal Garage Door Repair provides high quality professional garage door repair that will help you maintain your garage door. Knowing when to call for our experienced garage repair services will help you to resolve problems before they can become worse or more costly.

    Common Reasons To Call For Garage Door Repair

    1) The Door Won’t Open Or Close

    A door that won’t open or close is an obvious indication that a repair is necessary. Be sure to first check if there is anything blocking the sensors, as this is a common reason for a door not closing. If the sensors are clear, but the door still will not move you may have a broken spring or a problem with the wiring.

    2) Noisy Door

    A garage door making a lot of noise or making loud noises is most likely in need of some repairs. Common causes for noisy garage doors are loose hardware, hinges, or screws, damaged rollers, bent tracks, or cracks in the door.

    3) Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Work

    A remote control that isn’t working is often resolved by changing batteries, however it can also be a sign of a problem in the wiring, receiver board or electrical eyes.

    4) Door Off Track

    A garage door that is off the tracks can be dangerous and requires quick attention. A door off track will not slide properly from bends or obstacles in the track and will likely create sounds from friction.

    Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair

    Universal Garage Door Repair provides same day garage door repair for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Our professional garage door repair technicians are able to identify and resolve any issue for any make and model garage door.

    Universal Garage Door Repair also offers comprehensive Maintenance Programs to extend the life of your garage door and keep it running efficiently, allowing you to avoid costly repairs.

    Contact us today for any garage door repair need and schedule your same day appointment!

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