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  • How Much Wind Can Your Garage Door Handle?

    Garage Door Maintenance

    When severe weather strikes, one of the most vulnerable parts of your home can be your garage door. High winds from storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes can cause significant damage if your garage door isn’t up to the task. Understanding how much wind your garage door can handle and taking steps to reinforce it can protect your home from extensive damage. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that affect the wind resistance of garage doors and how you can ensure your garage door is prepared for extreme weather.

    Factors Affecting Wind Resistance

    Garage Door Material

    The material of your garage door plays a significant role in its wind resistance:

    • Steel: Steel doors are known for their strength and durability, making them a good choice for areas prone to high winds.
    • Aluminum: While lightweight and resistant to rust, aluminum doors are typically less robust against strong winds compared to steel.
    • Wood: Wooden doors offer a classic look but may require additional reinforcement to handle high winds.
    • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are lightweight and resistant to denting but may need reinforcement to withstand severe weather conditions.

    Design and Construction

    The design and construction of the garage door also impact its ability to withstand high winds:

    • Single-Layer vs. Multi-Layer: Multi-layered doors with added insulation and reinforcement are generally stronger and more resistant to wind damage.
    • Wind Load Rated Doors: Some garage doors are specifically designed and rated to withstand certain wind speeds. These doors are tested to ensure they meet local building codes and standards for wind resistance.

    Size and Orientation

    The size and orientation of your garage door can influence its wind resistance:

    • Larger Doors: Larger garage doors present a bigger surface area to the wind, making them more susceptible to damage. Reinforcement is especially important for double-car garage doors.
    • Wind Direction: The orientation of your garage door relative to prevailing wind directions can affect its vulnerability. Doors facing the direction of prevailing winds may require additional reinforcement.

    Reinforcement and Bracing

    Proper reinforcement and bracing are crucial for enhancing the wind resistance of your garage door:

    • Horizontal and Vertical Braces: Adding horizontal and vertical braces can significantly strengthen the door and prevent it from buckling under pressure.
    • Heavy-Duty Hardware: Reinforced hinges, rollers, and tracks can help the door stay intact during high winds.
    • Garage Door Reinforcement Kits: These kits include braces and hardware designed to improve the door’s structural integrity against wind damage.

    Wind Speed Ratings

    Garage doors are often rated for specific wind speeds, which can vary based on local building codes and the geographic location of your home. Here are general wind speed categories:

    • Up to 90 mph: Standard garage doors can typically handle winds up to 90 mph. Suitable for areas with low risk of high winds.
    • 90-120 mph: Reinforced garage doors are designed to withstand winds in this range, common in regions with occasional high wind events.
    • 120-150+ mph: Wind load-rated garage doors can endure extreme wind speeds found in hurricane-prone areas. These doors meet stringent building codes and provide the highest level of protection.

    Preparing Your Garage Door for High Winds

    Regular Inspections and Maintenance

    Regularly inspect your garage door for signs of wear and tear. Ensure all parts are in good working condition and address any issues promptly. Lubricate moving parts and tighten any loose hardware.

    Reinforce Your Existing Door

    If your garage door is not wind load-rated, consider reinforcing it with bracing kits. Install horizontal and vertical braces as recommended by the manufacturer or a professional.

    Upgrade to a Wind Load-Rated Door

    In high-risk areas, upgrading to a wind load-rated garage door is a wise investment. These doors are designed to withstand specific wind speeds and provide superior protection against storm damage.

    Secure the Door Before a Storm

    Before a storm hits, ensure your garage door is properly closed and secured. Check that all locks and latches are engaged, and consider using additional temporary braces if needed.


    Understanding the wind resistance of your garage door is crucial for protecting your home during severe weather events. Regular maintenance, proper reinforcement, and upgrading to wind load-rated doors can significantly enhance the durability and safety of your garage door.

    For expert advice and professional reinforcement or installation of wind-resistant garage doors, contact Universal Garage Door Repair at (801) 784-4550. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to ensuring your garage door can withstand even the strongest winds, keeping your home safe and secure.

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