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  • 5 Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs To Be Replaced

    Your garage door opener offers a level of convenience that is often taken for granted. While your opener can typically last years without needing repair or replacement, it is not uncommon for openers to malfunction or break down. If you are having issues with your garage door opener, it may be time to replace or upgrade your opener.

    Replacing your garage door opener can improve safety, security, efficiency, and noise levels. It can also provide you with extra features such as smart technology that will also improve convenience.

    Here are 5 reasons why it may be time to invest in a new garage door opener:

    1) Garage Door Opener Won’t Open Or Close The Door

    This is the most obvious sign that your garage door opener isn’t working as it should. Check first that there isn’t something blocking the track or causing the door to stick, but it could be a problem with the opener rather than the track. If you press the button for your opener but the garage door won’t move, you might check or replace batteries in the remote first. If new batteries don’t fix the problem, the opener might not be connected properly to the opener, opener is malfunctioning, or it is time for a new opener.

    2) Garage Door Reverses When Opening Or Closing


    If your garage door closes all the way and then randomly opens again or if the door suddenly reverses while it’s opening, you either have a problem with the safety sensor or a malfunctioning opener. The emergency reversal system helps to prevent damage or injury from a closing garage door when something is in its path, but if the area is clear of obstructions and the reversal system is kicking in randomly, you will likely need garage door opener repair or even replacement. First check that safety sensors are aligned and there is nothing in its path. If the problem continues you may want to contact a professional garage door repairman to properly inspect sensors and the opener. Faulty wiring or electrical components within the opener could be to blame rather than a problem with your sensors.

    3) Intermittent And Random Function

    A garage door opener that operates inconsistently likely has a wiring problem. If you find that your opener randomly works or doesn’t work or perhaps it opens your garage even when you don’t want it to, don’t hesitate to call for garage door repair before it becomes a safety concern or stops working entirely.

    4) Noisy Garage Door Opener

    People often assume that a garage door opening and closing is supposed to be noisy, however it can actually be a sign of a problem. If you hear grinding, scraping, screeching, rattling, and other strange or loud noises, you may want to have your opener inspected. If you have an older garage door opener, it may just be time to replace and upgrade.

    5) Garage Door Stalls Or Gets Stuck

    If your garage door gets stuck open or stalls when opening and closing, it could be another indication that the opener is malfunctioning or defective. A door that cannot be trusted to open or close all the way or that gets stuck as it is opening can create a serious safety hazard that could not only damage property but cause serious injury.

    Simply put, if your garage door opener does not efficiently and effectively open or close should at a minimum be inspected for necessary garage door repair. If you have an older model garage door opener, you may want to invest in garage door replacement that will provide you with a better functioning opener. Universal Garage Door Repair offers professional garage door opener repair and new garage door opener installation for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. If you are experiencing problems with your garage door opener or considering replacing it, contact Universal Garage Door Repair today at (801) 784-4550.

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