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Spring Repair

For homeowners everywhere, broken springs are one of the most common issues you will encounter with your garage door. If you are in the Salt Lake City area, the experienced Universal Garage Door Repair team is ready to spring into action with high quality garage door springs repair.


Garage Door Springs Repair

It’s early Monday morning, and you wake up to a loud noise coming from the garage. You bolt out of bed looking for the source of the sound, but can’t find it anywhere. Close call! Thirty minutes later, your alarm goes off and you start your morning routine. You wake up the kids, pack lunches, shower, and gather your things for work. You load everyone up in the car, open the garage door, and voila! You found the source of that sound you had almost forgotten about. Your garage door has a broken spring.

While you may feel like you’re the first person to have a broken garage door spring, that is far from true. We perform garage door springs repair on just about a daily basis and understand how to deal with these untimely situations.


Broken Springs

The life expectancy on garage door springs is calculated based on cycles. In most cases, a cycle is one opening and closing of the garage door. The normal life expectancy of a garage door spring is typically 10,000 cycles. Calculated at an average of 2 cycles per day, it works out to approximately 13.7 years. While that is the average, we usually tell people to expect 8-12 years on any given garage door spring.

No matter how long it’s been, we are able to help with high quality garage door spring repair. We promise to fix the issue and get your garage door back to functioning the way it’s intended. Our experienced team has completed hundreds of garage door springs repairs and would be happy to make yours the next success story.


Universal Garage Door Repair

Regardless of the type of service you need, our team at Universal Garage Door Repair is standing by waiting to help. For garage door springs repair or any other issue, contact us today!

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