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  • Liftmaster’s MyQ Internet Monitored Garage Door Openers

    Thanks to the wonders of the internet, Liftmaster MyQ accessories allow users to monitor and control their homes – including their garage doors – from nearly any location. Whether accessed via computer, tablet, or smartphone, this technology makes it possible to open and close your garage door with convenience and ease.

    If you neglected to close the garage door while departing for work this morning, for instance, this tool can give you peace-of-mind by commanding it to close and lock. Or, perhaps you forgot to leave the dog walker with a key to your home. To resolve this issue, simply open the garage door to allow him or her access to the house. Your pooch will be highly appreciative.

    Liftmaster offers four new, high-quality garage door openers that come equipped with MyQ technology. Each of them offers an exceptional combination of performance, security, and connectivity with features such as:

    • Performance. These products include integrated battery backup, allowing them to function even when the power is out. They are also energy-efficient, using 75 percent less energy when in standby mode. In the unlikely event of any mechanical problems, the openers are sold with 5-year parts warranties and a 1-year battery backup warranty.
    • Security. Safety features include the ability to monitor against forced entry, to send visual and audible warnings when the garage door is about to close, and to be pre-programmed with a time to automatically close the door. Motion detectors and safety sensors are included as well, and with every click to the garage door, a different passcode is sent. This ensures the door responds only to you.
    • Connectivity. The MyQ application can be downloaded free of charge, which sends emails or push notifications upon any changes in garage door activity. They also feature soft start and slow stop technology, minimizing disturbance to anyone in the home or an upper-level apartment above the garage.

    The team at Universal Garage Door Repair is happy to answer any questions you may have about internet monitored garage door openers and their installation. Contact us today to learn more!


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